The White Lotus Season 2: all the locations in Sicily

Dicembre 28, 2022 - Absolute Sicilia

Discover all the amazing places where The White Lotus 2 was filmed

The second season of The White Lotus is turning out to be a great success, equaling the ratings of the first one: thanks to a great cast, a thrilling storyline but mostly thanks to the wonderful places in which the series is filmed.
The show takes place in the White Lotus Resorts, a fictional luxury hotel chain. After Maui in the first season the showrunners have decided to set the new series in Sicily, at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina.
Sicily's beauty is already world famous, and this new season of the award-winning TV show has renewed its appeal even further. If, after watching the show, you are among the many people who are dreaming of a vacation in Sicily, here is a guide for you to discover all the locations where the series was actually filmed.


Taormina is the queen of luxury tourism in Sicily mostly because of its privileged location on a hill from which you can see both Mount Etna and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea with the famous Isola Bella. It's not coincidental that most of the scenes in the second season of the White Lotus are filmed there.
Let’s see a more detailed list of all the beauties in Taormina, you may have spot in the show:

  • San Domenico Palace, one of the undisputed protagonists of the series is the hotel where the stories of the several characters intertwine, San Domenico Palace is part of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and it was renewed a couple of years ago.
    Originally a 14th-century convent turned into a hotel in the 19th century, it has hosted all the famous people who have passed through Taormina, from Oscar Wilde to Audrey Hepburn to Elzabeth Taylor. Guests of the hotel can enjoy an infinity pool overlooking the sea, a Michelin starred restaurant, and a beach club right in front of Isola Bella.
  • Ancient Theater, probably the most famous landmark in Taormina, it’s a Greek theater, the second biggest in Sicily after the one in Syracuse, overlooking the sea. It still hosts events and concerts that acquire a magical charm thanks to the beautiful setting.
  • Corso Umberto, it’s the vibrant main street of Taormina. It crosses the city and the main square and it’s always crowded with tourists. You’ll find lots of glamorous stores where you can buy exclusive souvenirs.

The city is also in a great position to go exploring Sicily. Starting from Taormina, you can visit both the province of Catania and the province of Messina. That’s exactly what the characters of the White Lotus do to make the most of their stay.

Here’s some examples of day tours that can be taken from Taormina:

  • Godfather tour, the film by Francis Ford Coppola made italian-american mafia infamous all over the world. In the Godfather part II Micheal Corleone takes refuge in Sicily where he comes in contact with the culture of his ancestors. The places where the film was shot, like Villa degli Schiavi or bar Vitelli, can still be visited today with organized tours that replay the most iconic scenes.
  • Etna Winery tour, the vineyards on the slopes of Etna offer a wide variety of wine tours in which you can try unique wines. The important thing is not to be like the characters in the series who return to the hotel completely drunk.
  • Vespa tour, it may be a cliché but Italy is even more beautiful if seen from the back seat of a Vespa. Many tourists, like Tanya in the show, want to feel like Monica Vitti for a day and take a Vespa tour.



The many beach scenes of the White Lotus were filmed in Cefalù. This small town near Palermo is famous for its beach and its Arab-Norman Cathedral, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The old harbor has appeared in a number of movies and commercials, with its picturesque benches overlooking the sea and the village.


Another UNESCO world heritage, the city of Noto in Eastern Sicily is a gem of baroque architecture. Famous for its churches and the white marble of its streets, Noto is definitely a place worth seeing during your trip to Sicily.



Palermo is the largest city in Sicily and its charm perfectly embodies the many shades of the island. From the local markets to the alleyways of the centers, there are several places to visit in the city. One of the most important is Teatro Massimo, the opera house, the largest in Italy and the third largest in Europe. From the square in front of the theater, you can quickly reach the city's historic center with its dozens of noble palaces and narrow alleys in which it’s easy to get lost.
Another place you can spot in the series is the little-known Villa Tasca, where two of the characters of the series, Hunter and Daphne, spend one night. Villa Tasca was owned by an aristocratic family but today is open to the public, it includes an urban park and it can be rented for private events.

These are just a small part of the astounding places you can visit in Sicily. All you have to do is pack your bags and call Absolute Sicilia!



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