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Maggio 3, 2023 - Absolute Sicilia

'There is no flavour without knowledge,' says Arturo Morettino, the founder of the 100% Sicilian artisanal coffee company of the homonymous name.

'There is no flavour without knowledge,' says Arturo Morettino, the founder of the 100% Sicilian artisanal coffee company of the homonymous name.

Love for coffee in the middle of Palermo

In the heart of Palermo, among the streets enveloped in an enchanting atmosphere, there is a place that guards the secrets of true Sicilian coffee. We are talking about the small artisan company Morettino, which has been dedicated to the creation of high quality coffee blends since 1920. Still today, with Andrea and Arturo Morettino the passion for coffee is reflected in the care with which it selects the best raw materials from around the world, but its true mission has gone much further. Morettino embraces sustainability, innovation and the quest for the highest quality, creating an ethical, healthy and eco-friendly product.

Morettino’s experimental plantation

True coffee lovers arriving on Sicilian soil cannot fail to visit Morettino's experimental plantation. An evocative place where passion for coffee merges with love for nature. Here, the producer family has dedicated more than 30 years to experimenting with new techniques of coffee cultivation and processing, creating a unique and original variety of an authentic Sicilian coffee, grown and harvested by hand in the plantation's gardens.

The experimental plantation is a surprising discovery of the local culture, where the art of coffee cultivation blends perfectly with respect for nature and local communities. Walking among the coffee plants, the care and attention devoted to their cultivation stands out; only here can one learn the secrets of coffee processing from bean to cup. But that's not all: this unique experience represents a true immersion in Sicilian culture, amidst intense aromas, evocative landscapes and a contagious passion for excellent product.


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