Oleato, the olive oil coffee brew is a Sicilian story of success

Aprile 19, 2023 - Absolute Sicilia

Starbucks' Oleato coffee-based beverage line is born out of a trip by CEO Howard Schultz in Sicily

Oleato, the olive oil coffee brew is a Sicilian story of success

A tour of Sicily can be an unforgettable experience. The unspoilt nature of the island is fascinating, but the success stories of its cities are even more surprising. One such story stems from a trip to this fascinating island full of surprising influences. During his holiday, cheered by the sea breeze and the typical scents of Trinacria, Starbucks CEO Howard Schults had a vision: a coffee blend with olive oil

And here is the first Sicilian success story.

'Oleato' is an amazing Arabica blend, enriched with a touch of extra virgin olive oil from the Sicilian countryside. This high quality oil is the fruit of the passion and hard work of the Asaro family, who have been cultivating their passion for four generations.

Asaro is a modern company, but one that continues to use ancient processing techniques. The result is a high quality product that continues to fill Italian tables today.

To this day, Tommaso Asaro produces oil from Nocellara olives from the Belice Valley in his 150 acres of land. His aim has always been to modernize production techniques while respecting them. And from his love for the land comes a product of high value, recognised even abroad

The encounter between Asaro's Sicilianity and Starbucks' American attitude has created a line of drinks that includes different blends to satisfy all palates. The preview presentation took place at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, as well as in some Starbucks shops in Italy. In the coming months, different types will be introduced in selected markets around the world, such as the US and Japan.

Sicily is a place of extraordinary beauty and full of potential, where small businesses grow fast with the availability of quality raw materials. The island is home to a multitude of opportunities and in addition to proving to be a safe home for various entrepreneurial activities, it also finds its workhorse in tourism. The various cultural and scenic sites intertwine with each other, leaving the traveller with an indelible memory. 

To experience this wide-angle adventure, visit our experiences section; discover the anecdotes of this island and start dreaming even before your arrival.


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