Taormina: the must for your holiday in 2023

Maggio 19, 2023 - Absolute Sicilia

‘Sicily is the island of Eros, where everything is love, passion, and sensuality’ Goethe

Taormina, the pearl of Sicily, has been winking at the international market and luxury for years. This enchanting seaside resort has become a reference point in the world of high fashion and glamour, perfect for those looking for a chic and exclusive holiday.
It was Bernard Arnault, the French magnate who heads the LVMH - Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group, now synonymous with elegance and sophistication, who took notice.

The owner of more than 75 high-end brands, Arnault revealed his interest in Taormina back in 2018, acquiring two famous five-star hotels: Villa Sant'Andrea and Timeo Belmond. To this list is added the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, the location of the second season of the HBO series "The White Lotus", as well as the 2012 show of the iconic Dolce and Gabbana high fashion show. It was this attraction to the Dolce Vita that prompted Arnault, once again, to open a Dior boutique in the Sicilian city in 2022, with unprecedented success.

The chic destination of the stars

It is no coincidence that Taormina has always attracted famous personalities and many celebrities over the years. From Oscar Wilde to Goethe, from Greta Garbo to Ingrid Bergman, there are many names that have walked the picturesque streets of this charming town. The highlight of the place is the Teatro Antico, which for years hosted the prestigious Nastro d'Argento, one of the most important awards in Italian cinema.

For the occasion, many international stars like Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp have enjoyed the marvellous spectacle between sky and sea that this place continues to offer.

Taormina: Sicily's Must-Visit Hotspot 2023

Also in 2023 Taormina is confirmed as one of the most popular destinations of the year. Your must-have trip this summer has been thought through down to the last detail to give you a luxury experience that leaves its mark. During the Tour of Taormina organised by Absolute Sicilia, you will explore this splendid jewel on foot with a private guide, admiring the flower-filled balconies, picturesque corners and breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea surrounding Isola Bella. You will visit the famous Greek Theatre with Mount Etna in the background, and experience the enchantment of Taormina on board a vintage Ape Calesse.

You will stroll through all those places frequented by illustrious personalities, such as Casa Cuseni and the gardens of Villa Caronia. All to fully savour the magic of Taormina and the evocative atmosphere of this unique destination. What better occasion to live a dream?

Echoes of expertise

But Taormina is only one pearl of the great treasure that Sicily has to offer its visitors. This Mediterranean island fascinates with its millennial history, rich culture and extraordinary natural beauty. And the expert, tour guide Franco D'angelo, tells us so. Sicily offers a warm welcome to anyone eager to discover the beauty and richness of this territory.

Inspired by the love of the French for their land, this has led him to spread his love for Sicilian culture and become a passionate tour guide. On his tours, each place is enriched by his many tales that touch on the history, art, scents and unique flavours of Sicily. 'Today, more than before, I believe that a trip to Sicily is not just an ordinary holiday, but above all an experience and an enrichment,' D'Angelo concludes.
A trip to Sicily thus becomes an enriching experience and allows one to immerse oneself in the thousand nuances of a culture that has always been open to the world.

Book your next fairytale trip

There is so much to see in Sicily, a place full of wonders to explore. However, you have to start somewhere, and why not start your adventure right from Taormina? This year could be the perfect opportunity to discover all that this extraordinary destination has to offer.
With Absolute Sicilia, you can make your dream journey come true and discover the enchanting places of this marvellous island.

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