Sicily, an island kissed by the sun and rich in history, culture, and flavors, offers a breathtaking itinerary for travel enthusiasts. A route that starts from the splendid Taormina to reach the baroque Noto, crossing unspoiled landscapes, fascinating villages and UNESCO World Heritage cities. The largest island in the Mediterranean, it is a territory rich in history, culture, and natural beauty that make it a popular destination for travelers from around the world. With the majestic peaks of Etna, the enchanting sandy beaches, the medieval villages and the incredible architectural beauty of the cities, Sicily offers an infinity of experiences, satisfying everyone's preferences.

Thanks to its varied beauty, it has always been a highly coveted destination for people from all over the world to learn about an ancient history, full of battles, falls, conquests and rebirths and to admire the boundless beauty of breathtaking natural landscapes and taste the goodness of dishes that taste of tradition.

Taormina: a jewel set between sky and sea

Our journey begins in Taormina, a pearl set on the east coast of Sicily. Perched on a hill 200 meters above sea level, Taormina offers breathtaking views of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, and the Ionian Sea.

The city boasts a thousand-year history dating back to Greek and Roman times. Its Ancient Theater, still used for concerts and shows, is one of the largest and best preserved in Italy. In addition to its historical and scenic beauty, Taormina is also a paradise for food lovers: strolling through the narrow streets of the historic center, between typical shops and restaurants that smell of Sicilian cuisine, you can taste the almond granita, a fresh dessert based on almond juice and crushed ice, perfect for refreshing long walks.

A small natural paradise rises immediately in front of the Taormina coast: Isola Bella, a small islet that emerges from the crystal clear sea like a precious jewel. Its unspoiled beauty, with its lush Mediterranean vegetation and rugged cliffs, makes it a must-see for nature lovers. A true oasis for lovers of the sea and tranquility.


Greek theatre and Isola Bella of Taormina


Alcantara Gorges, a natural paradise

After leaving Taormina, we head towards the Alcantara Gorges, a breathtaking canyon carved by the river of the same name over millennia. Here nature reigns supreme, creating a scenario of rare beauty that leaves you breathless.

The Alcantara Gorges appear as a succession of basaltic walls up to 40 meters high. The spectacle is truly unique, especially when the sun's rays illuminate the rocks, creating a play of light and shadow that makes the atmosphere even more evocative.

In addition to their scenic beauty, the Alcantara Gorges are also a place rich in history and legend. It is said that their formation was due to divine wrath unleashed against a dishonest farmer, or that the icy waters of the river are the result of the god Vulcan's resentment towards the goddess Venus. These fascinating stories make the place even more special and full of mystery.


Alcantara gorges

Mount Etna Park, an Imposing Volcano

The journey continues to Mount Etna Park, a unique place in the world where the power of nature manifests in all its spectacularity. With its 3,329 meters of height, Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and offers a breathtaking panorama that extends to the east coast of Sicily.

Climbing Etna is an experience not to be missed for any nature and adventure lover: for trekking enthusiasts there is a vast network of trails that wind through woods, lava flows and silent craters. Paths suitable for all levels of experience allow you to explore the unspoiled nature of the volcano and discover its ancient secrets. Among the most evocative trails, we remember the one that leads to the Silvestri Craters, an ancient volcanic complex with cinder cones and eruptive vents still well preserved, and the one that leads to the Cave of the Ice, a natural cavity where snow is preserved all year round.

On the slopes of Etna, fragrant flowers are grown that the Sicilian black bees transform into the famous Etna Honey. This unique product, PDO since 2015, is available in different varieties, linked to the typical flora of the different areas of the volcano.



Mount Etna park


Syracuse, a dive into history

Syracuse, the pearl of Eastern Sicily, enchants visitors with its ancient charm and lively atmosphere. It is impossible not to visit the Greek Theatre of Syracuse: dating back to the 5th century BC, it is one of the largest and best preserved in Europe. Here, among the white stone steps, one can imagine the voices of ancient bards narrating stories of heroes and gods, now punctuated by a season full of events and theatrical performances. Not far away, the Ear of Dionysius, an artificial cave with an elongated shape and perfect acoustics, takes us back in time, whispering secrets and amplifying every sound.

Also worth noting is the Neapolis, the "new city" built in the 4th century BC, which offers a further immersion in history. 

Syracuse is not just ancient history. Strolling through the narrow streets of Ortigia, the beating heart of the city, one breathes in a lively and authentic atmosphere. Among local craft shops, historic shops and restaurants that smell of Sicilian cuisine, one discovers the true soul of Syracuse. A must-stop is the Ortigia market, a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors where you can taste local specialties such as "Cassata Siciliana", a triumph of ricotta, almond paste and candied fruit, which will delight the palate and leave an indelible memory.


Historical center and greek theatre of Syracuse


Ragusa Ibla and Scicli: panoramic views and evocative atmospheres

Ragusa Ibla, rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake, stands on a plateau overlooking the valley below. Its white limestone buildings and churches, adorned with elaborate Baroque decorations, create a panorama of rare beauty that has earned the city UNESCO World Heritage status.

Scicli, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is distinguished by its evocative atmosphere and its cave dwellings carved into the limestone rock. Strolling through its narrow streets, one discovers ancient caves used as houses, churches and even shops.


Noto, capital of Sicilian baroque

Here we are in Noto, located in the Val di Noto in southeastern Sicily, a riot of Baroque art that has earned it the nickname "Capital of Baroque". The city, rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1693, is an absolute masterpiece of architecture, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Strolling through the historic center, one is enchanted by the beauty of its palaces, churches and monuments. But in addition to its architectural beauty, Noto offers visitors a 360-degree sensory experience: strolling through its streets, one can discover local craft shops where you can buy unique souvenirs, and typical restaurants where you can taste the delicious Sicilian cuisine.

A must-do is to conclude the visit by enjoying the classic Sicilian cannoli while watching the spectacular sunsets that the city offers.

Cathedral of Noto


Discover Sicily

Sicily offers an endless array of experiences for travelers from all over the world, with its ancient cities and a culinary tradition that has always held a great deal of fascination.

With Absolute Sicilia you can experience this incredible and immense island through unique tailor-made experiences: you will have the opportunity to stroll through characteristic alleys and soak up the scents of Italian cuisine; visit the most beautiful cities, stay in the most prestigious luxury resorts and take photos that will transform sunny days, the convivial atmosphere and the happiness that only such a warm place can give into sweet memories.

Let's start this journey together.


Source: Vogue Italia by Giorgia Genocchio


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Trust the professionals in the field and make every trip memorable.


Dreaming of a wedding that seamlessly blends history, romance, and breathtaking landscapes? Look no further than the captivating island of Sicily, where the echoes of centuries past weave seamlessly with the promise of a beautiful future. A Sicilian wedding is not just an event; it's a journey into the heart of love, surrounded by the timeless allure of historic churches, majestic seventeenth-century villas and vineyards.

Don't miss out on the chance to turn your wedding into a lavish event amid the untouched beauty of Sicily. Read the full article and let the enchantment of Sicilian luxury weddings inspire your journey toward an unforgettable celebration! 


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The Allure of a Sicilian wedding

Sicily, with its sun-kissed landscapes, azure waters, and rich cultural tapestry, emerges as an idyllic destination for couples seeking a wedding experience like no otherThe island's romantic charm is deeply rooted in its history, evident in every cobblestone street and ancient monument. A Sicilian wedding is a celebration that transcends time, where the old-world charm meets modern elegance, creating an atmosphere that is truly enchanting.

Palermo, Catania, and Ragusa stand as beacons of Sicily's rich cultural tapestry, each boasting historic churches that narrate stories of love and devotion. 

In Palermo, the iconic Cathedral, with its mesmerizing blend of Norman, Gothic, and Moorish architecture, offers a grandiose setting for couples seeking a sacred union. Casa Professa, an architectural masterpiece, presents a Baroque jewel where intricate details and artistic splendor converge to create a romantic ambiance.

San Giuseppe dei Teatini, another gem in Palermo, showcases the opulence of the Sicilian Baroque style, providing a captivating backdrop for couples exchanging vows. 

For those yearning for an elevated experience, the Cathedral of Monreale, with its stunning mosaics and panoramic views, stands as a testament to the grandeur of Sicily's religious architecture. Meanwhile, the Cappella Palatina within the Palazzo dei Normanni exudes unparalleled beauty, combining Norman, Arab, and Byzantine influences in a truly unique setting.

Catania, graced by the imposing presence of the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, invites couples to exchange vows amidst Baroque splendor, a testament to the city's architectural prowess. Meanwhile, Ragusa's Cathedral of San Giorgio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, presents a stunning backdrop where history and romance converge, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

These historic churches collectively paint a picture of Sicily's diverse architectural heritage. Whether you choose the bustling streets of Palermo, the historic charm of Catania, or the UNESCO-listed splendor of Ragusa, Sicily's historic churches add an extra layer of significance to the promise of forever. A Sicilian wedding, set against this backdrop, becomes a celebration not just of love but also of the island's rich cultural legacy.


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Magical Sicilian venues: the most beautiful historic locations 

One of the highlights of tying the knot in Sicily is the plethora of magical venues that serve as the perfect backdrop for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows in a centuries-old church, its ornate architecture and historic ambiance adding a sense of grandeur to your ceremony. Alternatively, opt for a villa from the seventeenth century, surrounded by lush gardens and offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean. These venues not only encapsulate the romance of a Sicilian wedding but also provide an authentic experience that will linger in the memories of both the couple and their guests.

A world of refined elegance and historical splendor. For those seeking a different but equally magical setting, Sicily boasts an array of stunning villas that encapsulate the island's allure.

Villa Bosco Grande

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Sicily, Villa Bosco Grande stands as a testament to luxury and tranquility. This meticulously restored villa, with its lush gardens and panoramic views, provides an idyllic setting for an intimate and romantic celebration. Couples can immerse themselves in the serenity of the countryside while still enjoying the sophistication of a bygone era.

Castello Lanza

Perched atop a hill with commanding views of the Sicilian landscape, Castello Lanza stands as a majestic fortress steeped in history. This medieval castle provides an extraordinary backdrop for couples who wish to exchange vows in a setting that exudes regality and romance. The castle's unique ambiance adds an unforgettable touch to the wedding, creating a day that feels like a fairytale come to life.

Tonnara di Scopello

For those seeking a coastal haven steeped in history, Tonnara di Scopello offers a unique blend of rustic charm and seaside allure. This ancient tuna fishery, with its stone buildings and turquoise waters, provides a picturesque setting for a romantic celebration. Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, ensuring a wedding that is both intimate and breathtaking.

Tonnara dell'Orsa

For those desiring a waterfront celebration, Tonnara dell'Orsa presents an unparalleled setting along the Sicilian coast. This historic tuna fishery, converted into a refined venue, combines the beauty of the sea with the charm of Sicilian tradition. The result is a wedding celebration that unfolds against the backdrop of the sparkling Mediterranean, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Villa Fago

Adding to the several enchanting venues, Villa Fago emerges as a hidden gem where modern luxury meets the timeless beauty of Sicilian landscapes. This exclusive villa, surrounded by lush gardens and boasting panoramic views, provides an intimate and personalized setting for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience. With its attention to detail and exquisite surroundings, Villa Fago promises to elevate the magic of a Sicilian wedding to new heights, ensuring that every moment is steeped in romance and splendor.

Villa Malfitano Whitaker

Stepping into the realm of aristocratic elegance, Villa Malfitano Whitaker stands as a testament to Sicily's opulent past. The villa's sprawling gardens, adorned with exotic plants and sculptures, create an atmosphere of refined charm. Choosing this venue allows couples to immerse themselves in the grandeur of a bygone era, turning their wedding into a sophisticated event reminiscent of Sicilian nobility.

Villa Ramacca

For those captivated by the charm of historical residences, Villa Ramacca offers a splendid blend of Sicilian tradition and modern comfort. The villa, surrounded by citrus groves and Mediterranean flora, radiates timeless elegance. Its picturesque setting is perfect for couples desiring a celebration that seamlessly fuses sophistication with natural beauty.

Palazzo Alliata di Pietratagliata

Transporting couples to the heart of Palermo's historic center, Palazzo Alliata di Pietratagliata is a baroque masterpiece that whispers tales of Sicily's aristocratic past. With its opulent interiors and grand courtyards, this palazzo offers an extravagant setting for an urban wedding that exudes opulence and sophistication.

Villa La Limonaia

Situated in the charming town of Taormina, Villa La Limonaia is a true gem overlooking the Ionian Sea. The villa's lush gardens adorned with citrus trees and vibrant flowers create a romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal venue for couples seeking a serene yet luxurious celebration.

In choosing one of these exquisite venues, couples can ensure that their Sicilian wedding becomes not just a moment in time but an experience that etches itself into the very fabric of their love story.


Luxury wedding: 6 unique Sicilian venues 

For couples envisioning a wedding immersed in opulence amidst the serene beauty of Sicily's vineyards and unspoiled landscapes, the island offers a selection of exceptional venues that redefine luxury celebrations.


Nestled in the heart of the Madonie Mountains, Susafa presents an exclusive escape for couples seeking a luxury wedding surrounded by lush vineyards and rolling hills. The estate's rustic charm, combined with its dedication to personalized service, sets the stage for an intimate celebration where every detail is curated to perfection. A Susafa wedding is a harmonious blend of sophistication and nature, promising an unforgettable experience for couples and their guests.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

Perched on the cliffs of Taormina with breathtaking views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo stands as an iconic venue for luxury weddings. With its historic charm, opulent interiors, and world-class service, this hotel provides an exquisite backdrop for couples desiring a celebration that seamlessly fuses timeless elegance with Sicily's natural wonders.

Tenuta Savoca

Amidst the enchanting landscape of Savoca, Tenuta Savoca offers an intimate setting for couples who wish to exchange vows surrounded by vineyards and panoramic views. The venue's commitment to sustainability adds an eco-conscious touch to a luxurious celebration, creating an ambiance where romance intertwines with the authenticity of Sicilian terroir.

Capofaro Malvasia & Resort

Situated on the enchanting island of Salina, Capofaro Malvasia & Resort is a haven of luxury amidst the vineyards. This boutique resort, with its whitewashed architecture and unparalleled views of the sea, provides an idyllic setting for a wedding that embraces both sophistication and the untouched beauty of nature. A Capofaro wedding promises an intimate escape where love blossoms against the backdrop of the Mediterranean sunset.

Donna Carmela

Immersed in the Sicilian countryside near Mount Etna, Donna Carmela exudes elegance and tranquility. Surrounded by citrus groves and vineyards, this boutique hotel offers an exclusive retreat for couples seeking a luxurious wedding experience. Donna Carmela's commitment to the highest standards of hospitality ensures that every moment of the celebration is marked by refinement and grace.

La Foresteria Planeta Estate

Amidst the vineyards of the Planeta Estate, La Foresteria stands as a testament to the union of gastronomy, wine, and romance. This resort, dedicated to the celebration of Sicilian flavors, offers a luxurious retreat for couples seeking a wedding that indulges the senses. With its scenic vineyard views and culinary excellence, La Foresteria promises an unmatched experience where the celebration of love is intertwined with the essence of Sicilian terroir.

Choosing one of these exceptional venues for a luxury wedding in Sicily ensures not only an opulent celebration but also an immersion into the authentic beauty and rich cultural heritage of this captivating island.

A Sicilian wedding is a journey into love, history, and natural beauty. The island's enchanting allure, coupled with the choice of magical venues, makes it a destination that transcends the ordinary. Saying "I do" in Sicily is not just a ceremony; it's an immersion into the timeless romance of an island where the past and the present coalesce, creating an unforgettable tapestry of love.




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