We offer a wide variety of accommodations so you can feel at home even when you are traveling. We handpicked for you the perfect stay from a curated selection of luxury hotels, country retreats, villas and boutique hotels. You will explore Sicily at your own pace discovering its timeless traditions and breathtaking landscapes.

We partnered with some of the most renowned luxury hotel companies to pamper you with royal hospitality. At Rocco Forte Hotels in the western part of the island you will have the opportunity to live in a historic villa from the Sicilian Belle Epoque built by the Florio family, Villa Igea, a former sanatorium now turned into a superb hotel overlooking a small harbor. Or you will be able to relax in a wonderful golf resort surrounded by nature at the mouth of the Verdura river near Agrigento.

At our partner facilities of Four Seasons and Belmond in Taormina you will taste the Sicilian Dolce Vita enjoying a stroll on the famous corso Umberto with its shops and restaurants. Or you will be able to go to a concert in the amazing Greek theater.

If you are looking for something more unconventional we have you covered. Whether it is an inland farmhouse surrounded by fields, where lovely grannies bake their bread every day, or a luxury yacht sailing among the small islands off the Sicilian coast, you only need to tell us what your heart desires. We can help you find the exclusive and out-of-the-ordinary accommodation that will make your trip an unforgettable one.


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