Sicily is famous for its beauty but also for its local food.
Sicilian traditional cuisine is centuries old and it has many dishes inspired by other Mediterranean cuisine like Spanish, Greek and Arab.
Traditional Sicilian food is more than just food, it has to do with culture, history and tradition.
It’s the warmth of our grandmother’s kitchen, it’s the joy of a meal shared with your family, it’s the velvety ricotta cream of cannoli.
That’s the reason why, at Absolute Sicilia, we want to show you the true essence of Sicilian food, we want you to taste Sicily through its traditional dishes.

We will bring you to secluded monasteries where cloistered nuns prepare delicious sweets, we will show you how the fishermen in the small villages use their traditional fishing methods in tune with nature, and we will surprise you with the fragrant scent of grape must during autumn harvest.
In our authentically Mediterranean island every season has its own specialties and every area has its own products.
The bright colors and the sweetness of summer fruits will win you over. You will find solace from the heat by eating a granita and brioche sitting at a traditional café. You will indulge in the deliciously decadent sponge and marzipan of a cassata cake.
All the food experiences we can offer you are tailored to your needs and tastes and will make you fall madly in love with Sicily.

A trip to Sicily is an experience involving all the senses, you can smell the scent of citrus fruits in the countryside while the light of the sun is so bright you feel almost blinded, or you can learn to cook with a variety of aromatic herbs you didn’t even know existed and be amazed by the colors, shapes and textures of Sicilian typical food. Be prepared to discover Sicily’s colors through the eyes of a child, and be surprised every step of the way.

The bright Sicilian sun, the deep blue of the sea, the scent of the rain in an olive grove, in Sicily you can experience close contact with nature.
Far from the chaotic cities we will guide you to inaccessible snowy peaks or quiet green valleys, trails overlooking the sea or lush pine forests. Because Sicily is not only beautiful beaches and incredible food but also adventures and discoveries into the wild.

With Absolute Sicilia you will also savor the real taste of Sicily on our personalized culinary and wine tours. You choose the ingredients and we will create a unique gastronomic trip just for you.
It doesn’t matter if you look for rustic simplicity or haute cuisine, we can offer you several dining experiences you won’t ever forget.
And if you want to bring home some of the flavors of Sicily we can arrange that too, with our cooking classes you can learn all the secrets of the Sicilian cookery passed down through generations.


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