Sicily is famous for its beauty but also for its local food.
Sicilian traditional cuisine is centuries old and it has many dishes inspired by other Mediterranean cuisine like Spanish, Greek and Arab.
Traditional Sicilian food is more than just food, it has to do with culture, history and tradition.
It’s the warmth of our grandmother’s kitchen, it’s the joy of a meal shared with your family, it’s the velvety ricotta cream of cannoli.
That’s the reason why, at Absolute Sicilia, we want to show you the true essence of Sicilian food, we want you to taste Sicily through its traditional dishes.

We will bring you to secluded monasteries where cloistered nuns prepare delicious sweets, we will show you how the fishermen in the small villages use their traditional fishing methods in tune with nature, and we will surprise you with the fragrant scent of grape must during autumn harvest.
In our authentically Mediterranean island every season has its own specialties and every area has its own products.
The bright colors and the sweetness of summer fruits will win you over. You will find solace from the heat by eating a granita and brioche sitting at a traditional café. You will indulge in the deliciously decadent sponge and marzipan of a cassata cake.
All the food experiences we can offer you are tailored to your needs and tastes and will make you fall madly in love with Sicily.


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