The island from above, helicopter tour of Sicily

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with helicopter adventures over Sicily's stunning landscapes. Take in the view of smoking volcanoes, idyllic islands, and captivating sites of interest from a bird’s-eye perspective. You will depart from an airfield located just 20 minutes from the hotel, you can choose from a range of helicopter tour options.
The helicopter for the tours is an Airbus Helicopter AS350, which has five seats plus the pilot and offers a maximum speed of 155 knots (287 km/h), a cruise speed of 122 knots (226 km/h), and a maximum range of 360 Nm (666 km). You can opt for the following helicopter tour packages:
Etna: This 30-minute tour takes you above the Etna volcano to witness its otherworldly landscape, from smoking plumes to dramatic lava flows. Admire the famous Valle del Bove, a vast horse-shoe shaped depression carved into Etna's eastern flank. The contrast between the black, solidified lava rock and bright blue sky is awe-inspiring.
Etna and Taormina: This 45-minute tour takes you to the top of Etna to marvel at the craters, often smoking, and soar over the staggering Valle del Bove. Then, continue towards Taormina, where you can admire the evocative Greek Theatre, Castelmola, and Isola Bella. As you circle back to the airfield, you can enjoy stunning views of the magical Alcantara Gorge.
Aeolian Islands: This 90-minute tour takes you northwards over Montalbano and the Sanctuary of Tindari, a popular pilgrims’ shrine, and out to the Aeolian Islands. From there, you can enjoy an aerial view of the island of Vulcano and its crater, Lipari with its faraglioni rocks and pumice quarries, Salina and the Bay of Pollara, Panarea, and Basiluzzo. Finally, approach the incredible island of Stromboli, where the celebrated Sciara del Fuoco, stream of fire, is thrillingly visible from your lofty perspective.
Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples: This 1 hour 40 minutes tour takes you north, skirting Mount Etna, then southwest towards Agrigento. Along the way, enjoy aerial views of Piazza Armerina, famous for its Roman villa and mosaics, and picturesque Campobello di Licata. Upon reaching Agrigento, touch down and explore the Valley of the Temples, outstanding examples of ancient Greek art and architecture. A private car can be at your disposal for 3 hours, and a private guide is included.
Overall, the helicopter experience offers a unique perspective on Sicily's stunning landscapes and a chance to discover hidden sides and unexpected aspects of the island leaving an indelible imprint on your memory, making your trip to the island truly unforgettable.

The gorgeous weather all year round, the magnificent sea, the art and the nicest people, the Sicilians. What more can you ask for?”
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