Syracuse is a city with an incredible cultural and historical heritage that rivals some of the greatest cities in the world. Its ancient Greek theater, one of the largest in the world, is just one of the many impressive monuments that can be found here. The city has a rich and fascinating past, having withstood attacks from the Athenians, Romans, and Arabs throughout the centuries.

A stop in Syracuse is a must, and a well-experienced guide can provide a splendid, guided tour of this amazing Greek city. The tour starts with a visit to the ancient Neapolis Archaeological Zone, where visitors can admire the Greek theater, the Latomie (stone quarries), and the Ear of Dionysius. The Latomie are a fascinating attraction, as they are huge limestone quarries that were used in ancient times to construct the city's buildings and monuments. The Ear of Dionysius is a cave with a unique shape and excellent acoustics, an impressive sight to see.

After visiting the Archaeological Zone, the tour could continue with an exclusive Ortigia sightseeing. For some two centuries, Syracuse was one of the most powerful cities in the known world. Its old town, Ortigia, a little island linked to the mainland by two causeways, forms the heart of Syracuse's historical center. Our guide can take visitors on a leisurely walk through the charming narrow streets of Ortigia, pointing out the many treasures that the island has to offer.

Piazza Duomo, with its impressive cathedral built on top of the remains of a Doric temple dating back to the 5th century BC, is one of the main attractions in Ortigia. Aside from the cathedral, Ortigia Island also has many other beautiful Baroque buildings, charming narrow streets, and stunning sea views that visitors can explore. 

All in all, Syracuse is a fascinating destination that offers a unique blend of ancient history and modern-day charm, making it a must-visit location for anyone traveling to Sicily.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with helicopter adventures over Sicily's stunning landscapes. Take in the view of smoking volcanoes, idyllic islands, and captivating sites of interest from a bird’s-eye perspective. You will depart from an airfield located just 20 minutes from the hotel, you can choose from a range of helicopter tour options.

The helicopter for the tours is an Airbus Helicopter AS350, which has five seats plus the pilot and offers a maximum speed of 155 knots (287 km/h), a cruise speed of 122 knots (226 km/h), and a maximum range of 360 Nm (666 km). You can opt for the following helicopter tour packages:

Overall, the helicopter experience offers a unique perspective on Sicily's stunning landscapes and a chance to discover hidden sides and unexpected aspects of the island leaving an indelible imprint on your memory, making your trip to the island truly unforgettable.


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