We will be present at the INTERNATIONAL LUXURY TRAVEL MARKET in Cannes,  2-5 December 2013
2 December 2013

We will be present at the INTERNATIONAL LUXURY TRAVEL MARKET in Cannes, 2-5 December 2013

“ABSOLUTE SICILIA - Experience Luxury Travel”
The New Luxury Brand of TOUR PLUS SICILIA

“The time is ripe for the global travel and tourism market to embrace new luxury travel options, where luxury means a sensational, one-of-a-kind experience in extraordinary places like Sicily” affirms Dario Ferrante, CEO of Tour Plus, summing up the concept behind the Sicilian Tour Operator’s new luxury brand, ‘Absolute Sicilia - Experience Luxury Travel’.

A highly-experienced team of tourism professionals, a selection of extraordinary locations, unique, customized products, discretion, cordiality, attention to detail and exceptional customer service are the mainstays of Absolute Sicilia.

Sicily is one of the world’s most enticing holiday destinations. Walk through the narrow streets of Sicilian cities absorbing the art, culture and history around you. Enjoy a luxury experience and see Sicily from an insider’s perspective. Admire its beauty, uncover its secrets and contrasts, and wonder at beautiful squares and magnificent restored buildings interspersed with crumbling ruins. Wander around splendid mansions bearing witness to the opulence of 19thcentury Sicilian aristocracy, where you will be warmly welcomed by the owners, modern entrepreneurs with the aristocratic essence of the protagonists of ‘The Leopard’.

Travelling with Absolute Sicilia, the new luxury brand of Tour Plus Sicilia (one of Sicily’s leading incoming tour operators), is a personalized experience that offers a new concept of luxury. The driving force behind Absolute Sicilia is a dedicated, passionate team of Sicilian professionals with first-hand, specialist knowledge of the island and all it has to offer.

Sicily is much more than wonderful Mediterranean beaches. It’s an island of outstanding beauty with a fascinating history and an incredibly rich cultural heritage. Sicilians are traditionally renowned for their hospitality, and memories of them and their island will linger in your heart and mind forever. Our highly-experienced team will bring you to an all-year-round holiday destination, to enchanting places where time stands still. We will provide the ultimate luxury travel experience and we will do it with style. To us, luxury is about experiencing something completely different, something unique, life - enhancing and authentic.

We design itineraries that take into account each customer’s needs, tastes and interests. In other words, Absolute Sicilia will introduce you to an undiscovered Sicily, adding out-of-the-ordinary experiences to create unique moments that will make your trip unforgettable. We will offer you original travel options and a new concept of luxury.

International Luxury Travel Market
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